Jaw Acne - Have You Checked That Your Jaw Acne Isn't a Signal of This Underlying Condition!

Published: 25th July 2008
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Acne can be caused by many reasons but break outs around the jaw line can be a sign of underlying trouble for women. Jaw acne could be a signal that you may have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), also known as the Stein-Leventhal syndrome.

As the name suggests, the condition means the women has many cysts on her ovaries. It's the hormonal imbalance with raised levels of testosterone that causes the jaw acne which can form along, under or around the jaw line.

The symptoms of PCOS are difficult to pinpoint: they are different for different women. Some women might experience rapid weight gain, while some suffer from excess facial and body hair (hirsutism), while some might suffer from a combination of both, as well as other symptoms like irregular periods.

The best way to test for PCOS is making an appointment for an ultrasound exam where the can check internally to see if your jaw acne and other symptoms, if any, are due to cysts on the ovaries.

PCOS is not a life threatening condition but if left untreated the problem could get worse and can lead to infertility. Many women have cysts on their ovaries which cause no trouble but it's always best to get checked out if you suspect your jaw acne could have underlying causes.

Treatment of PCOS is usually through hormone treatments such as contraceptive pills or anti-male hormone medication. The particular treatment options suitable for your symptoms will be discussed at your appointment so you know what's available to you.

Your jaw acne could be unrelated to PCOS and can be treated like any other form of acne. If you are interested in easy home remedies to treat skin acne visit http://www.acnefreenow.co.uk and learn how to quickly and easily become free from skin acne!

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